week 12 War and Media: technology and control in context

Screening: Control Room (2004) dir. Jehane Noujaim

earlier in the lecture we discuss the media and news in wartime from the first world war through to th gulf war, how media was honest in the earlier wars and the coverage wasn’t censored. then we discussed the how the Vietnam war and the civilian casualties had a huge effect on the youth and the media at the time, along with the drug movement and the already suspicious government agendas.

the film we watched in the afternoon, was based on and surrounded the gulf war and al jazera Saudi broadcast. with a look into how the media was portraying the war from both sides, also how media was being regulated, were broadcasting co being bias? i found that the bbc were the most non bias,as they gave a full array but were subjective towards both sides.

here is a link to the film


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